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How to Download Applications on the Nintendo Wii

The Homebrew Channel for Wii allows users to download custom made applications. These applications make it possible for users to do many different things they normally couldn’t do, including use cheat codes, play games on emulators, and turn their Wii’s region lock off. Download a homebrew application of your choice from the Internet. Double left […]

Information About Netflix

The phrase “watching Netflix” is now as ubiquitous as “watching TV” had been in decades past. Netflix didn’t conquer the world straight out of the gate, however — the company traces its history back to 1997, when it began as an online DVD rental service. In its modern iteration as the world’s most prominent streaming […]

How to Mortgage in

The "Monopoly" iPhone app makes it possible to play against the computer or with other iPhone users and uses the same rules as the traditional board game. When you mortgage your property you must also sell any available houses or hotels located on the virtual real estate. Monopoly clearly shows the total amount you can […]

How to Add Facebook to a Toshiba TV

Some Toshiba TVs come with an Internet apps feature called Net TV, which lets you install different widgets to access online content, such as YouTube, Pandora and Facebook. The Widget Gallery, powered by Yahoo, is where you will find new apps to install on your Toshiba TV. If you install the Facebook app on your […]

How to Add Color to Mail.App Mailboxes

Many Mac users find the color-labeling feature in Finder useful when sorting through files and wish they could incorporate that feature into their mail application. makes it possible to add color to your mailboxes to help organize them. uses “rules” to automatically color messages in your mailbox to your preferences. Open and […]

How to Get Your iPad to Play Unsupported Video

The iPad’s App Store offers a variety of applications that will let you view video types that the iPad’s native software does not support. Choose an app for your unsupported video format based on your video file type and its source. For example, some apps only support web-based video, while others focus on videos stored […]

How to Edit Android Widget Size

Widgets are small apps that can run on your Android device’s home screens. You might have a weather widget that updates automatically or a sports score widget that keeps you up to date on the exploits of your favorite team. Widget sizes are set by the app developer, although some widgets will have multiple sizes […]

How to Use a Blackberry as a TV Remote

Blackberries are versatile electronic devices that can make phone calls, send text messages and surf the Web. Blackberries are like miniature computers, and you can download a host of applications, or apps, that can do all sorts of useful tasks. The company Unity4Life offers an app called AV Shadow, which allows you to turn your […]

How to Fill Out a Wal-Mart Online Employment Application

Walmart is one of the largest employers in the US and if you are thinking about getting a job there you need to know how to fill out a online application so that you have the best chance to get hired. If you are applying for a upper level manager job then do not use […]

How to Fix Flickr on an iPhone

Flickr is a photo-sharing application for your iPhone. The Flickr application is a free download, and you can install Flickr on your iPhone directly from Apple’s App Store. If the Flickr application does not work properly on your iPhone or stops working properly, you can fix the Flickr application by deleting and then re-installing the […]

How Do Apps Work on a Cell Phone?

Compared to traditional cell phones, smartphones offer a bevy of improvements for users. Chief among these, though, is the addition of apps. Smartphone apps allow for users to do everything from games to unit conversion all on the comfort of their phone. Installation Internally, smartphones are closer to computers than a traditional land line phone. […]

How to Earn Money By Developing ANDROID JAVA Applications

In the world of competition between smartphones like Blackberry, iPhone and Droid, application developers have a huge potential to become rich in less time. Android is a software stack developed by GOOGLE for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. It is easy to earn money by developing Android JAVA based […]

How to Uninstall an Application With PowerShell

Integrated within Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, PowerShell provides users with an advanced framework for carrying out scripted tasks. Network administrators can use PowerShell to uninstall applications that were installed using the Microsoft Installer from a remote location, using either a simple command-let line or a written “VBScript” file. The PowerShell command prompt interface […]

How to Show All Apps in an iPad

Apple’s iPad 2, released in early 2011, makes it easy to use iPad-ready applications for just about anything. You can use apps for school, work or just fun. The Apple iPad website notes that as of the date of publication, the iPad comes preloaded with apps such as YouTube, Calendar, iPod, and App Store. You […]

Android Apps With Completely Voice Activated Text Messaging

Control your Android device with your voice using applications that integrate text-to-speech and speech-to text recognition. While most hardware manufacturers bundle voice command apps with new devices, many of these apps fail to provide a completely hands-free solution for text messaging. Hands-free messaging can be a safer alternative to sending text messages while driving. If […]

How to Remove a Bad App Installed on the iPad

Just every application that you try to install will do so cleanly and without error. Remove a bad app installed on the iPad with help from a columnist from Nerds on Call in this free video clip.