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About IPhone File Size and Storage

With an iPhone, as with any Apple iOS device, keep in mind two aspects when managing storage: the apps and the files they use. Unlike other smartphones, you can’t simply connect an SD card to increase an iPhone’s storage. Keeping tabs on how much storage your iPhone has left and which files are taking up […]

How to Close Programs on a Nook Color?

Your Nook Color uses software applications to perform tasks. These software programs are easily closed out by pressing the “N” button at the bottom of your Nook Color screen. This closes the application from your screen immediately. Just because the software is closed, doesn’t mean it isn’t still running some processes in the background. You […]

How to Open a CHM on an iPad

Technical material published in the CHM format may be favored by computer scientists, medical professionals and programmers, but the format’s not popular with the general public. Hence, popular iPad e-reader applications don’t support reading them. Other third-party apps have rallied to fill this void, often bundling CHM with EPUB, PDF and other e-reader capabilities. CHM […]

How Come My Push Notifications Don’t Work on an iPhone?

You’d like to hear a sound, see a badge or read an alert on your computer when important news breaks, a friend challenges you to a game or tickets to the next big sports or music event go on sale. If you’ve granted permission for various applications to notify you, but don’t receive their alerts, […]

How to Make a Sound Button in Xcode

Xcode is the language used for iPhone app development, testing and debugging. The software includes an audio library to define the sound that plays on the iPhone of anyone who buys the custom app you build and sell through the App Store. The platform uses a language similar to Visual C. Open the Xcode software […]

How to Browse & Install From the Android Root Folder

The Android operating system allows you to install apps from sources other than the Android Market, but there are two actions you need to take first. To install applications from the root folder, you must enable the option to install apps from unknown sources through the device’s menu. The second thing you need is a […]

Tumblr Isn’t Posting My Posts

Perform some basic troubleshooting procedures to diagnose and fix a Tumblr account that won’t post blog entries. Check Your Internet Connection First, check your Internet connection to make sure you’re connected. [IMG] [/IMG] (Image: Image courtesy of Samsung) On your mobile device, open the Settings app, select Wi-Fi and toggle the virtual Wi-Fi switch […]

What Are

The phrase "referral source" on a job application relates to how you happened upon the open position. Employers like to know what recruiting strategies and tactics produce the best job candidates; therefore, the information you provide in this section of the application is for employer recruiting purposes. It doesn’t usually impact your employment, though a […]

What Does Bonded Mean on a Job Application?

Bonding is very much like insurance; but rather than insuring you against a loss, it is insuring another person against a loss caused by you. There are hundreds of different types of bonds, but the primary factor in each one is the idea of protecting someone against a loss caused by another. Bonds as a […]

How to Make an Exit Button for the Android

The "finish" function in an Android app closes the application. As an Android app developer, you must create a button for your users so they can close the app when they’re finished with it. Create the button in your Java XML file and use the Java source code to trigger the code that closes the […]

How to Edit Android Widget Size

Widgets are small apps that can run on your Android device’s home screens. You might have a weather widget that updates automatically or a sports score widget that keeps you up to date on the exploits of your favorite team. Widget sizes are set by the app developer, although some widgets will have multiple sizes […]

How to Remove Programs From Application Data Directory

The Application Data Directory is the repository of data for the program applications installed on your hard drive. These files contain personal profile data, configuration data, and other information relevant to the program and its users. They are stored in the directory, within the sub-directory folders “Local” and “Roaming.” You may delete the program file […]

The Best Side-load Apps

The Apple iPhone provides access to hundreds of thousands of apps via the iTunes music and media store. But there may be a program or feature you want that Apple doesn’t provide. Jailbreaking, the act of modifying your iPhone to allow unauthorized apps, is easy through freely available software from Once your phone is […]

How to Find PID for Kindle & iPhone App ties your account information to a specific piece of software in a Kindle, by way of an algorithmic transformation of the device’s serial number. A similar process is used with the Kindle application for iPhone. Amazon refers to this information as the "PID," or Product ID. This information is used to link the eBooks […]

How Do I Take Off the Smile App on Facebook?

Facebook applications, also called apps, cover a wide array of functions, including games, calendars and quizzes. The Smile application lets you send cartoon smiley faces to your Facebook friends. Once the Smile app has been downloaded, it may send you updates and it has access to your profile data. Remove the Smile app if you […]