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Why Can’t Facebook Connect on My BlackBerry Curve?

When the Facebook application on a BlackBerry Curve cannot connect, it could be due to a variety of reasons. An inactive data connection or a need to update may result in connection errors. Before contacting technical support, simple troubleshooting may help resolve the connection issue. Data Connection When attempting to connect to the BlackBerry Curve, […]

How to Email an E-Book to an iPad

The iPad is tablet computer from Apple. It comes with a Multi-Touch display, which measures 7.3 inches by 9.5 inches, making it suitable for reading e-books. The Wi-Fi iPad can connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi, and the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi or through a cellular data network. You […]

The Requirements for iPhone Development

To develop software for the Apple iPhone, you need Apple’s iOS Software Development Kit (SDK), a computer that can run the SDK, and a basic understanding of object-oriented programming languages like C. The iOS SDK contains Xcode, Apple’s proprietary integrated development environment, as well as other tools used to test application performance, and design user […]

How to Add a NextBook to a Kindle Account

The Nextbook tablet uses the Android operating system to power the device. Amazon’s Kindle service has an Android application available, which allows you to read your Kindle books on a compatible device, such as an Android tablet. Once you install the Amazon Kindle application on your Nextbook and sign in to the service, you will […]

How to View Excel Files on an iPhone

The wide range of capabilities of an iPhone does not limit the device to simply telephone calls. That’s probably where it shines least. The reason why a device like the iPhone is classified as a smart phone is because it is effectively a small computer. You can perform many traditional computer tasks on an iPhone, […]

How to Unfreeze iPhone Without Turning it Off

Experts often tout turning off your iPhone as a cure-all for all kinds of virtual ailments. Ordinarily, you can accomplish this with a sustained hold on your device’s “Sleep/Wake” button and a touch screen slide to power off. However, every so often, iPhone freezes up on you and refuses to shut down for much needed […]

How to Get ESPN for PS3

Whether you’re looking to catch-up on an original ESPN program or watch highlights from a recent MLB, NFL, NHL or NBA game, you can use MediaMail Technologies’ PlayOn software to stream the popular sports network directly on your PS3. As of the time of publication, PlayOn is the only application that allows you to stream […]

How to Access Netflix on an IPhone

If you have Netflix this is a simple way to stay on top of your movie queue or check the recent activity on your Netflix account. You will now be able to Access Your Netflix through PhoneFlix from your IPhone anywhere you have service! First you will need to install the PhoneFlix application on your […]

How to Access an EverFocus DVR From an iPhone

EverFocus produces a line of DVRs that serve a number of different home and business uses. As a result, there are a number of different reasons why you may want to access your EverFocus DVR remotely. One way to remotely access it is through the use of a free iPhone application called MobileFocus by EverFocus. […]

How to Organize Notes Alphabetically on the iPhone

The Apple iPhone is more than a phone — it is a personal productivity device you can use to create notes, to-do-lists and track upcoming events. If you use your iPhone to keep track of an ever-growing list of information, you may be looking for ways to organize your notes alphabetically to make your information […]

How to Change Color of LED Light for Gmail Android

The Android operating system does not allow you to customize the LED indicator color for different applications. If you want to set a custom color for the Gmail app, you will need to install third-party software from the Android Market. Not all apps support Gmail, and some apps only support certain devices. The Light Flow […]

How to Get the Microsoft Windows Game

Microsoft broke with tradition by not including a no-cost "FreeCell" game with Windows 8, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t available. The Windows App Store has many "FreeCell" game apps to make up for this, most of which are free of charge. With a quick download, you can be back to playing "FreeCell" in […]

How to Uninstall an Application With PowerShell

Integrated within Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, PowerShell provides users with an advanced framework for carrying out scripted tasks. Network administrators can use PowerShell to uninstall applications that were installed using the Microsoft Installer from a remote location, using either a simple command-let line or a written “VBScript” file. The PowerShell command prompt interface […]

How to Modify Android App Icons on a Mac

Android apps come in APK files, which are actually just ZIP archives with a different file extension. You can extract the Android app’s APK file on your Mac and modify the app icon that appears on your Android smartphone or tablet. After modifying the app’s icon, which is a single PNG image located inside the […]

How to Update Apps in a Jailbroken iPad

Apple doesn’t allow the iPad to load software from unauthorized sources, restricting installations to the iTunes App Store. The process of jailbreaking removes this restriction, allowing iPad users to purchase and install software from alternative sources, such as Cydia. This doesn’t alter the way jailbroken iPads operate, and software updates through iTunes and alternative application […]