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Why Can’t I Upload Photos From My iPhone to Facebook?

The Facebook application for your iPhone allows you to upload photos stored in your iPhone’s Photos application to your Facebook account. The Facebook application is a free application available from Apple’s App Store. If you cannot upload photos, you should verify your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection before reinstalling the Facebook application. Cellular Data Connection […]

Difference Between a Resume and an Application Letter

Your job application package consists of a cover letter and a resume. Each document serves a specific purpose and has a particular format. Whenever you apply for a position, send both documents unless the employer has asked for a resume only. Use the appropriate delivery method — email, fax or postal mail — and remember […]

iPhone Low Battery Warning Sound

The Apple iPhone comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 200 hours in standby mode. Most users do not leave their device in standby mode all the time, however, and the battery drains at different speeds depending on the task being performed. Apple’s default battery alert does not have an audible […]

What Is a Phone Widget?

Phone widgets are small-scale smartphone apps similar to widget apps used in desktop operating systems. Typically, these widgets provide "at-a-glance" information or a convenient function, like a shortcut to an app on your phone. Unlike apps, widgets run automatically without you having to manually open them. How phone widgets are installed and displayed varies depending […]

How to Remove OpenOffice From a Mac

To remove OpenOffice from a Mac computer, use the same process as most other other apps: drag it into the trash. The only exception to most smaller apps is that OpenOffice creates files in three different locations. So you want to make sure you get them all, particularly if you’re deleting the app because of […]

How to Delay Sending iPhone Messages

The iPhone saves texting data in your Messages application, allowing you to save and delay sending an SMS. Although the application does not provide support for saving unsent messages composed outside of an already existing conversation, the app does allow you to type a message in a conversation and return to it after exiting the […]

How to Use AppleScript to Launch Programs

AppleScript Editor on Mac OS X Mavericks provides a way to create commands that can help you simplify many of the repetitive actions you do on a daily basis. AppleScript Editor lets you program a script to open a set of applications and add that script to the Login Items to automatically launch a set […]

Can I Download Kindle Books on My iPod?

Besides referring to the e-reader device produced by Amazon, “Kindle” also refers to e-reader applications that Amazon offers for a variety of devices, including computers, phones and other hand-held devices. These applications allow you to access all of your Kindle e-books through any of the supported devices, which include the iPod Touch. Supported Devices The […]

How to Blow Out Candles on an iPad

Many toddlers look forward to the magical moment of blowing out the candles on their birthday cake. As a parent, you can re-create the magic on a daily basis using the iPad Toddler iBirthday app. The iBirthday app plays the the Happy Birthday song, displaying either one, two or three lit candles on a cupcake. […]

How to Put a Java Application Into a Web Page

Java is a popular programming language. Normally, it is used to create applications that run on desktops, servers or embedded systems. However, Java applications also can run on Web pages. This type of Java application is called an applet. A Web browser with the appropriate Java plug-in can display applets as part of a Web […]

How to Tag People in the Facebook App for the iPhone

Tagging someone in a Facebook photo attaches a person’s full name to the photo, while tagging someone in a post spells out the name in the post. The tagged photo or status may appear in the tagged person’s news feed, and a click on either tag leads to the tagged person’s profile if privacy settings […]

How to Hide the Android Notification Tray

The notification tray in the Android operating system is at the top of the screen and allows you to see when an application is generating a notification. If you don’t want to see the tray, you can hide it, but this option isn’t available in the stock Android software. You must download a launcher application […]

How to Remove Programs From Application Data Directory

The Application Data Directory is the repository of data for the program applications installed on your hard drive. These files contain personal profile data, configuration data, and other information relevant to the program and its users. They are stored in the directory, within the sub-directory folders “Local” and “Roaming.” You may delete the program file […]

My Apps Won’t Work on My iPod Touch

Apple iPod touch devices support a vast array of applications and games. Users can download these applications through the iTunes software on the computer or directly on the device when connected to WiFi. However, these applications sometimes malfunction, refuse to load or do not sync properly. Owners can overcome these problems by troubleshooting the device […]

Outlook Web App Won’t Play Sound

Outlook Web App can be configured to play a notification sound whenever you receive email messages. The setting isn’t readily visible, however, so if you previously set it to not play notification sounds, you could have a hard time finding the setting again. To make Outlook Web App play notification sounds, you have to go […]

How to Reinstall Mail.App

The Apple Mail program, which is known as “” within the operating system framework, is automatically installed on all Apple laptop and desktop computers. By default, it is also set as the primary email application. If you have accidentally erased or uninstalled the program but want to get it back, you can use your Mac […]

Is There an App for Recording YouTube on an iPad?

With the iPad tablet computer, you can browse the Internet, send messages and do a myriad of other tasks. The iPad ships with a YouTube app that allows you to search and view YouTube videos directly on the mobile device. However, it does not let you record a YouTube video for later viewing. If you’re […]

How to Share Android Apps

You can share apps installed on your Android smartphone with your friends. When you opt to share, your friend receives a description of the app and a link to download it. The friend must have an Android phone to download and install the app from the Android Market. App sharing occurs through social networking sites […]