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I Can’t Change My Facebook Notifications

Facebook lets you change your notification settings for dozens of activity types. You can opt to send those notifications to your email address or mobile phone, as well as view the notifications within the Facebook website itself. If you are having trouble changing your notifications, you can make a few adjustments to your account settings […]

How to Restore Lost Applications on a MacBook

Trying to launch an application and discovering it’s not in your dock or Applications folder is a frustrating experience. While the drag-and-drop feature on Apple’s MacBook is a handy tool, it also makes it easy to accidentally move or delete a file or application. If your lost application is simply in the Trash, restoring it […]

How to Block Messages on an Android

Whether it’s a prankster, telemarketer or a bill collector with the wrong number, getting a barrage of endless messages on your phone is annoying, and can be a source of sleep deprivation if they call at all hours. However, there are several Android apps that allow you to block all messages sent from a number; […]

How to Sync and Restore With CardStar

CardStar is a handy app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It lets you keep track of your membership cards in one place. The type of memberships cards CardStar accepts are cards from membership clubs, wholesale clubs, pharmacies and retail chains. To store your membership cards in CardStar, you need to enter your name […]

How to View Update Log on a Mac

Apple’s App Store gives OS X users a condensed list of updates that have been performed in the past 30 days. This is a handy place to go if you want to quickly see when you last installed iTunes or other software in the past month. For the more detail-oriented users, OS X also offers […]

How to Make Mashups Songs on an iPad

The Apple iPad not only allows you to surf the Internet, watch movies and play games, but it can be a powerful tool to use when creating music as well. If you want to create mashups, which are blends of two or more songs, and make your own mixes, the iPad provides a number of […]

How to Install RealPlayer on an iPhone

Understanding how to download multimedia apps on an iPhone greatly expands the music and video capabilities of the device. RealPlayer Cloud is a cloud-storage app designed to help you save your video library online so that you can access it from anywhere. RealPlayer Cloud is available as a free download that you can access directly […]

How to Tag People in the Facebook App for the iPhone

Tagging someone in a Facebook photo attaches a person’s full name to the photo, while tagging someone in a post spells out the name in the post. The tagged photo or status may appear in the tagged person’s news feed, and a click on either tag leads to the tagged person’s profile if privacy settings […]

Using Notes on the iPad

The Notes application comes pre-installed on the iPad, and it can be used to digitally jot down quick thoughts and information. Use Notes to its fullest capacity with a demonstration from the owner of a production company in this free video on using the iPad.

How to Use ColorNote Notepad Notes for Android

Often staying organized, personally or professionally, can start to feel like a full-time job in itself. Keeping important information all in one place can be very beneficial, and the ColorNote app helps you do just that. With ColorNote you can jot down a quick note, make a grocery list or enter a business meeting on […]

Facebook for My iPhone Crashes Randomly

The Facebook app on your iPhone can randomly crash due to numerous reasons. The app may crash if it needs to be updated or if the phone itself needs an update. You can perform basic troubleshooting to determine why the app crashes and potentially resolve the issue. Restart Phone When the Facebook for iPhone app […]

Types of Mobile Phone Applications

Smartphones include a handful of useful utilities out of the box, such as a Web browser and email client, but one of the best parts about owning a smartphone is downloading and installing new apps in whatever areas interest you. Some apps work well in conjunction with computer programs, while others perform tasks only possible […]

How to Change App.Path in VB6

The “App.Path” notation in Visual Basic 6 (VB6) sets the current application’s active path. The App.Path function is shorthand notation that identifies the location of all the custom software’s executable files. You change the App.Path location using the “SetCurrentDirectory” Windows function. This function sets the active directory to the specified location, so you can change […]

How to Find the Facebook App on My PS3

The PlayStation 3 was the first gaming console from Sony that truly supported an Internet connection in the same way computers do. Though the PlayStation 2 could use a broadband connection to play online games, its successor has a fully functional Web browser complete with dedicated applications that can connect you to a variety of […]