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How to Disable an HP Digital Imaging Monitor

The HP Digital Imaging Monitor is an application that comes with the printing software for select HP printers. It is installed automatically in the computer’s startup folder and launches automatically when you start your computer. Since it takes up memory, you may want to disable it at startup if you don’t use the app very […]

How to Upload Photos and Videos from Your Blackberry to Facebook

Although you can upload photos using the Facebook application on your Blackberry phone, you cannot upload videos with the app. Or maybe you deleted or disabled the app on your phone. Often, the Blackberry Facebook app is a major resource hog slowing down your phone’s performance and causing memory issues. If you want to share […]

How to Use Twonky Beam With a Samsung TV

When it comes to streaming with Twonky Beam, Samsung TVs aren’t always the most cooperative devices. Getting your Samsung TV to interact properly with Twonky Beam depends on what model television you have — some models require configuration, and some work off-the-bat. Either way, so long as your TV is a supported model you’ll be […]

How to Delete Farmville from your Facebook Applications

If you no longer play Farmville and want to stop the app from posting on your Timeline and displaying notifications, delete it from your Facebook account. You can opt to remove all your Farmville activity from Facebook when you remove the app from your applications list. If you wish to play the game again in […]

Do You Have to Disclose Adjudication Withheld on a Job Application?

Many employers require job applicants to answer background questions on a job application to determine whether the applicant has a criminal history. Some employers will then follow up by conducting a criminal background check on the applicant. While some questions can be answered easily, others may cause the applicant confusion. For a job applicant who […]

How to Change the Font in the Citrix Application

The Citrix Management Console application allows users to remotely manage Citrix-based servers and appliances with a command-line only interface. The Citrix Management Console uses the default “System” font when first installed. You can adjust this by changing the console settings configuration. Open the Start menu and type Citrix Management Console. Press “Enter.” Click “Tools,” then […]

How to Make Mashups Songs on an iPad

The Apple iPad not only allows you to surf the Internet, watch movies and play games, but it can be a powerful tool to use when creating music as well. If you want to create mashups, which are blends of two or more songs, and make your own mixes, the iPad provides a number of […]

Gmail Is Stuck in the Outbox on an iPhone

If you use Gmail and want to access your email on your iPhone, you don’t have to log in through Safari. Instead, you can set up your Gmail account in the Mail app and use its simple interface to send, receive and organize your email. While glitches are rare in this app, you can take […]

How to Hide Files in iPad

The iPad’s operating system does not include a method for hiding files. To protect image, document or other files, you will need an additional app. Secure file apps general cost a small one-time purchase fee, but a few dollars is a small price to protect your sensitive files. Apps that can hide your files generally […]

How to Disable Alerts on an IPhone

Should you grow tired of all the alerts emitting from your iPhone, you can disable them. Changes to the way your iPhone handles these notifications are made via the Settings app. From the Settings app, you can customize how notifications are handled on an app-by-app basis. Information in this article applies to iPhones running the […]

How to Post to a Facebook Wall From an iPhone

Facebook offers an app for several smartphone platforms, including the iPhone. Using the Facebook app allows you to do many of the same things that the Web-based Facebook does, including post to walls. Facebook works to improve the app with occasional updates. Past updates have added features like posting to event walls, posting to places […]

How to See Who Blocked You and Removed You From Facebook

To find out who blocked you and removed you as a Facebook friend, you will have to use a third-party application on the social network. The app is called UnFriendSpy and monitors who deletes you. UnFriendSpy only monitors activity once you have installed the app, so it can’t tell you who deleted or blocked you […]

How to Create Application Forms

When you run a business or organization you may have to create a variety of different types of forms in the course of operations, and it isn’t always practical to create each of them from scratch. Forms may include employment applications for prospective hires or rental applications for a potential tenant. You can use software […]

How to Find the Facebook App on My PS3

The PlayStation 3 was the first gaming console from Sony that truly supported an Internet connection in the same way computers do. Though the PlayStation 2 could use a broadband connection to play online games, its successor has a fully functional Web browser complete with dedicated applications that can connect you to a variety of […]

How to Add End User License Agreement to Android App

An end user license agreement, commonly abbreviated EULA, is a contract between the developer and purchaser of a program, such as an Android application. It is used to establish the purchaser’s right to use the application, but can also be used to give the developer various rights. Adding an end user license agreement to your […]

Can I Download Apps on an Unlocked iPhone?

The primary disadvantage of using an unlocked iPhone — in other words, one reprogrammed to allow you to use it on any carrier’s network — is you can’t update either the phone’s operating system or its carrier software during an iTunes sync, as doing so relocks your phone to its original network. Unlocked phones don’t […]

How to Build an OS X Portable App

The creation of OS X portable applications enable the Mac user to carry his favorite apps from one device to another, on a memory card, a USB flash drive, an iPod or other portable storage unit. Large amounts of data and highly encrypted passwords may not convert easily. Many portable applications are available from free […]

How to Manually Install Android Apps

Although you can automatically install applications, such as games and social networks, to your Android phone with the official Android Market or Amazon Appstore, you can also manually install apps to your phone. Although this does not require a network or Internet connection on your phone, you must first install a file manager so that […]