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  • Why Can’t Facebook Connect on My BlackBerry Curve?

    When the Facebook application on a BlackBerry Curve cannot connect, it could be due to a variety of reasons. An inactive data connection or a need to update may result in connection errors. Before contacting technical support, simple troubleshooting may help resolve the connection issue. Data Connection When attempting to connect to the BlackBerry Curve, […]

  • How to Use Citrix ICA Client on the iPad

    Citrix makes an iPad and iPhone app called "Citrix Receiver" that lets you connect to and view your corporate applications, documents and email on any Citrix ICA client server. Instead of using the Virtual Network Computing protocol, Citrix uses the Independent Computing Architecture that allows for an overall better display experience on a remote computer […]

  • How to Use an iPad to Control a Mac

    You might use an iMac or MacBook to perform most of your computing tasks, but when you’re out and about, your iPad takes up less room and is easier to tote around. Still, the larger machine has more features, and you want the best of both worlds when you’re on the go. The answer lies […]

  • How to Rename a Playlist on an iPhone

    The Music app in iOS 8 doesn’t have the one-step rename option for playlists that’s offered in your desktop version of iTunes, but you don’t need to rebuild a playlist from scratch to change its name. Create a new playlist, import the tracks from the original list and then delete the original to effectively rename […]

  • iTunes Echo Effect

    The iTunes app store offers several apps that create an echo effect, the impression that sound from your iPod, iPhone or other device is echoing back from something. This can be an amusement, but it can also enhance music, giving it more of a live-concert feel. Some apps may not be compatible with your platform, […]

  • Can You Pay Your Bills on the iPad?

    The Apple iPad places the Internet at your fingertips, making it easy to pay bills online. You can set up payments in your banking account to pay bills online through an app or a Web browser. Student loan accounts are accessible using the official Navient app. Payments to individual companies can be made using a […]

  • How to Set Up Roadrunner Email on Outlook on an iPhone

    The iPhone has a built-in application called "Mail" that allows you to send and receive email from email accounts that are compatible with post office protocol (POP). The Mail application functions in a similar way to Microsoft’s Outlook programs. RoadRunner is an Internet service provider that operates in many areas across the United States. Roadrunner […]

  • How to Log Out of Netflix on an iPad

    Logging out of Netflix on an iPad is something you would do directly from the Netflix application. Log out of Netflix on an iPad with help from an Apple electronics expert in this free video clip.

  • I Can’t Change My Facebook Notifications

    Facebook lets you change your notification settings for dozens of activity types. You can opt to send those notifications to your email address or mobile phone, as well as view the notifications within the Facebook website itself. If you are having trouble changing your notifications, you can make a few adjustments to your account settings […]

  • How to Delete a Windows Calendar

    The Calendar app in Windows 8.1 presents the calendar information associated with your primary Windows account by default. The app also presents the calendar information associated with other Microsoft accounts you set up to display in the Calendar. You can remove a Windows account set up in the Calendar application to prevent information associated with […]

  • Why Do iPhone Icons Wobble?

    The icons on an iPhone wobble to let the user know the screen is in edit mode. When in this mode, the wobbling motion signifies the app icons are now able to be moved, deleted or put into folders. You can organize your iPhone screen to fit your style and needs. Entering Edit Mode To […]