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How to Set Up Roadrunner Email on Outlook on an iPhone

The iPhone has a built-in application called "Mail" that allows you to send and receive email from email accounts that are compatible with post office protocol (POP). The Mail application functions in a similar way to Microsoft’s Outlook programs. RoadRunner is an Internet service provider that operates in many areas across the United States. Roadrunner […]

How to Open a CHM on an iPad

Technical material published in the CHM format may be favored by computer scientists, medical professionals and programmers, but the format’s not popular with the general public. Hence, popular iPad e-reader applications don’t support reading them. Other third-party apps have rallied to fill this void, often bundling CHM with EPUB, PDF and other e-reader capabilities. CHM […]

How to Get to the Alarm Clock on an Android

Android smartphones and tablets have an alarm clock built in to the Clock application. The Clock application is a native app that is installed by default on all Android devices. You can create multiple alarms that will ring at various points of the day. You can use them to wake you up when you are […]

How to Put Glitter Graphics on My Facebook Page

If you want to decorate your Facebook profile, consider putting glitter graphics on the page. Facebook provides a listing of application (apps) that allows you to select and publish the sparking images. Some apps automatically post glitter pictures to your site each day. Access the tools in your Facebook account, and add glitter images to […]

How to Address a Job Application Envelope

A job application is the key to unlocking career opportunities. Job applications with well-done resumes and correct information may lock-in an interview. Because it is important to make the right first impression, it is crucial to properly put together the entire job application letter, including the envelope. Thankfully, addressing an envelope to a possible employer […]

How to Send Email to a Group in Gmail Android

Using the Gmail Web interface, you can easily send emails to contact groups that you have configured by typing the group name in the “To” field. Unfortunately, the Gmail application for Android lacks this feature as of June 2011. Instead, you need to use the free Android app GroupU in order to access group send […]

How to Edit MDB Files on an iPad

The iPad does not have Microsoft Access installed, so you must install the Access iPad app available in the iPad App Store to open an MDB (Microsoft Access Database) file you stored on the iPad device. The app allows you to open and edit the data, so you can send it to another recipient or […]

What Is Included in a Job Application?

Most people will have to fill out a job application form at some point in their lives. Job applications are used by the majority of companies and for all types of profession levels. Top professionals who go through the hiring process are required to fill out these types of forms at some point–even if it’s […]

How to Play Facebook Games on an Android

Facebook games are increasingly popular and Zynga is the most popular maker for the social networking site, with CityVille, FarmVille, and Zynga Poker reporting 271 million users a month. CityVille alone posted 69 million user in one month, as reported by the Los Angeles Times in December 2010. Facebook games use the Adobe Flash platform, […]

How Does Secret Crush Work on Facebook?

“Secret Crush” is an app designed by software development company Textstream for use on the Facebook social networking site. While the app is available to Facebook users, it is not an official Facebook app. If a Facebook member has a crush on another member but feels uncomfortable with revealing their identity, this app allows for […]

How to Open Your Car Door With Your Cell Phone

If you’ve ever locked your car keys inside your car, you might have wished there was a way to open your car doors with an alternative technology, such as your cell phone. And as if to answer your prayers, the Internet is chock full of videos and articles on how to do just that. The […]

How to Restore Blackberry Apps

If you have had a problem with your Blackberry and restored it you may have noticed that your third party apps are not showing up on the Blackberry. This is because the system restore in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager does not restore the apps. Instead, you have to use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to […]

How to Show All Apps in an iPad

Apple’s iPad 2, released in early 2011, makes it easy to use iPad-ready applications for just about anything. You can use apps for school, work or just fun. The Apple iPad website notes that as of the date of publication, the iPad comes preloaded with apps such as YouTube, Calendar, iPod, and App Store. You […]

How to Convert an APP to an IPA

Files with the extension “.app” and “.ipa” are application files associated with Apple products such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Although both files are application files, only .ipa files can be synched between multiple Apple products. Converting .app files to .ipa files allows you to open the file with iTunes. Converted files can also […]

Android Apps With Completely Voice Activated Text Messaging

Control your Android device with your voice using applications that integrate text-to-speech and speech-to text recognition. While most hardware manufacturers bundle voice command apps with new devices, many of these apps fail to provide a completely hands-free solution for text messaging. Hands-free messaging can be a safer alternative to sending text messages while driving. If […]

How to Remove a Bad App Installed on the iPad

Just every application that you try to install will do so cleanly and without error. Remove a bad app installed on the iPad with help from a columnist from Nerds on Call in this free video clip.