What Are The Differences Between Windows Vista and 7

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have had enough time in the spotlight for users to tell the difference between them. Here is the list of what makes 7 different from Vista.

  • Windows 7 runs faster than Vista. It launches fewer startup services for a faster boot and is less bloated. Using few resources like less memory and RAM for maximum performance Windows 7 creates less crashes.
  • In Vista the screen will go black whenever a program wanted to install. That is the UAC (user account control) asking for permission; it changes in Windows 7. It has two options: it can display a message without user

participation or display a message when settings change.

  • Users have more control over the taskbar and desktop. Vista doesn’t allow you to choose the icons to display on the lower right hand side of the screen but Windows 7 does. Get rid of unnecessary icons and keep the ones that matter to you. Windows Sidebar became a must in Vista desktops. Windows 7 removed it altogether. The gadgets are accessible but it can be moved anywhere.
  • Unwanted bundles like Movie Maker, Messenger, Mail and Picture Gallery are forced on Vista users because it is part of the operating system. In Windows 7 those features are part of a separate bundle called Windows Live Essentials.

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